From the beginning, companies as renowned as Firestone, Coca-Cola, Unión Española de Explosivos, Campsa, Gesa, or La Caixa Savings Bank, as well as local and national government agencies and institutions, have place their trust in us to carry out their projects.

The Balearic hotel industry also became a major source of contracts, and we took on projects such as the Hotel Pamplona (Playa de Palma), Hotel Don Juan (Cala Millor), Hotel Paradiso (Playa de Palma), Hotel Miami (Ibiza), Hotel Ponent (Cala Ferrera), Hotel S’Entrador Playa (Cala Ratjada), the Hapimag Resorts (Paguera, Mallorca and Platja d’Aro, Girona), Arabella Golf Hotel at Son Vida (Palma), the three buildings of the Purohotel (Palma) and the Hotel Santa Clara also in Palma. The latter are highly regarded hotels in Palma.

Another area of special relevance in the last years covers restoration and renovation projects, including noteworthy examples such as the Consulat de Mar building, the current seat of the Balearic Government; the former Gran Hotel, currently housing the La Caixa Foundation (National Award for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Assets), the Ca n’Espanya-Serra residential building on Carrer Portella (Ciutat de Palma “Guillem Sagrera” Architecture Award), the Cal Marqués de la Torre building, which houses the Architects’ Association of the Balearic Islands, the “Bishop’s Museum” in Mallorca, besides the Cathedral, and the recently finished building of “Can Alomar” in Paseo del Borne, where is located the “Louis Vuitton” boutique. It is worth mentioning the large number of private buildings and high standard appartments we have had the chance to renovate and completely restaure.

We have also been responsible for a broad range of other residential and non-residential buildings: multi-unit housing projects, private single-family homes, office buildings, developments, churches, museums, etc. During the last years, we have had the opportunity to execute very speciall high standard projects for private owners.

Proud though we may be to list some of our projects, we would also like to focus on some of our clients, most of whom have repeatedly renewed their trust in us:

We have been working with the “La Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions” savings bank since 1990, when we were first assigned the restoration project for its Foundation’s headquarters in Palma. The outcome was granted the National “Award for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Assets”, and its opening had broad social and media impact. Since then, we have worked with Sumasa, the company managing La Caixa construction projects, renovating over 60 of the savings bank branches, including its main office.

It is an honor for us to have the “Bishopric of Mallorca” among our clients, with whom we have carried out three projects so far. The latest has been the renovation and restoration of the Museu Episcopal de Palma, which will soon be open to the public.

One of the foremost building developers we have had the opportunity to work with has been “PROCAM”, the developer for the Caixa de Catalunya savings bank, as well as other developers working on Mallorca such as “VIBELBA”, “RUSTIC”, and “REINA”, and the “GRUPO CASTELLVÍ”, a fast-growing company. Our contact with the Castellví group began in 1999, when we started working on the Can Espanya-Serra building, later granted the Ciutat de Palma Guillem Sagrera Architecture Award for renovation, and we were later assigned the project for the Dalt Murada building, in one of the most sought-after locations of Palma.

We would also like to mention the Swiss company “Hapimag”, which develops and operates vacation resorts throughout the world. We have worked with Hapimag for half of our company’s life now, and the highpoint in our collaboration was the Mas Nou holiday resort at Platja d’Aro (Girona), covering an area of 26.000 square meters.

Another important highlight for our company was the assignment for restoring and renovating the headquarters of the COAIB, the Architects’ Association of the Balearic Islands. We are extremely proud of having had the COAIB entrust us with a project of this nature.

With our clients as well as with their technical staff, we have always strived to establish straightforward, open relationships with a spirit of close collaboration, which has at times even led to lasting friendships.